Saturday, December 11, 2010

What did the world search in 2010

San Francisco: Google released the "Zeitgeist 2010: How the world searched" giving an idea of which topics clicked, both literally and metaphorically, and which didn't in the year so far. Among the fastest rising queries, Chatroulette, a Russian based website linking random strangers who converse via webcam across the world, topped the list. It was followed by the gadget that shook the whole tech world, the iPad.Interestingly, in the top 10 rising search terms, there were only three people.The rest seven are all associated with the world of technology and internet. Canadian pop-R&B singing sensation, Justin Beiber, was placed in the third spot. His popularity soared mostly because of YouTube, where he was discovered. So in that point, he too falls into the technology category.

The spirit of the search world was mostly inclined to geek and tech, making them truly chic. Others in the top ten included Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry in the fourth and seventh spot respectively. Online games like Friv and Gamezer also made it to the top spots, along with Twitter, Facebook and Myxer, the mobile phone ringtone service.

The world witnessed a lot of calamities in the year including the earthquakes in Haiti, Chile and China and the Pakistan floods. This put many in the charitable mode. A lot of people donated heavily in the humanitarian aids, taking 'donate to Haiti' and 'donate to Pakistan' in the fastest rising humanitarian aids.

The news search was dominated by search terms like Haiti, Chile and earthquake. Technophiles looked for a lot of terms and topping the charts were iPad, iPhone 4 and Nokia 5530 in the top three.

On the downside, the fastest falling terms list was topped by swine flu followed by wamu and new moon.

Google spokeswoman Anne Espiritu shared that the people using their mobile deviced for Google searches has increased by four times since last year. She said, "People are increasingly relying on their mobile devices to access information. It seems smartphones have hit the mainstream."

Google has added the Zeitgeist Year in Review video for the first time which showcases the search phenomena that unfolded this year. The Zeitgeist website also got a makeover making way for interactive graphics.

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