Saturday, December 11, 2010

Renowned software consultant Martin Fowler back in India

Bangalore: ThoughtWorks Chief Scientist, author & Agile Manifesto Co-founder Martin Fowler will be in India after four years and will be touring Bangalore, Chennai & Pune this month to share his thoughts and ideas on Software and Architecture in the 21st Century. The event is being organised by ThoughtWorks - Agile pioneer and leading global IT professional services firmAt the events, Mr. Fowler will share his views on Agile methods, and in particular, Extreme Programming; as a leading voice in these techniques, he will give a suite of short talks on his thoughts and ideas about how these methods and other developments affect software development. Other senior members from ThoughtWorks will be sharing their views on software testing, Enterprise Web, and Agile architecture as well.
These are must attend events for technical leads, senior project managers, architects, senior developers & testers, program managers, VPs and CXOs.        
Speaking about the initiative, ThoughtWorks India MD Mahesh Baxi said, "We're glad to have our Chief Scientist Martin Fowler here in India after a long hiatus of 4 years. Martin has been a leading voice in the technology world, specifically on "the design of enterprise software". As the co-founder of the Agile Manifesto, he has been a strong advocate of Agile methods which ThoughtWorks has applied for more than a decade. Martin will be sharing his views on "21st Century Software Design" and the response we have received so far has been huge. We are excited to be hosting this event which will provide an opportunity for Martin's ardent followers to meet and interact with him."

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