Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Biography and Full Profile of Seema Jha- X Factor India Contestant Read More: Biography and Full Profile of Seema Jha- X Factor India Contestant

Biography of Seema Jha Contestant of X factor India

Seema Jha is one of the contestants of X factor India. She got selection for the X Factor from the Delhi auditions of X factor India. Her performance was very impressive and shocked everyone. The judges were puzzled and thought how a 16 years old girl can sing like Lata Mangeshkar. She is just perfect for X factor India. She said that she always had a passion for singing in her school life. All the judges gave the said yes for their next level competition of X factor India. All the audiences clapped and motivated them at the time of audition of X factor India.

Delhi Audition of Seema Jha

As she started her singing on the stage of Delhi auditions, all the audience in the auditorium started clapping for them and motivated their spirit. Her parents were also there at the audition time in the backstage. Her performance impressed all the three judges i.e. Shreya Ghosal, Sonu and Sanjay. Shreya told that they have to work more on their voice, but will catch up fast. All the judges said yes to Seema Jha for their qualification to next level. Shreya Ghosal told her that she want to see Seema to dress up in Indian traditional dress in the next round. Seema kept the promise and was seen in traditional dress in the next round of X factor India.

Personal profile details of Seema Jha X factor India contestant

Seema Jha- X factor India Contestant
  • Full name: Seema Jha

  • Age of Seema Jha members: 16 years

  • Ambition of Seema Jha: To become a playback singer

  • Profession of Seema Jha: Student in School

  • Personal Address of Seema Jha: Delhi

  • Performance of Singing Star Seema Jha in X factor

    Seema Jha is a perfect Singing star and will become the winner of X factor India. Her singing talent will soon make her very famous. She has given many performances which were liked by the audience. All the stage performances of Seema Jha were fantastic and judges of X factor India too liked it. Hope, she will win the X factor India award.

    Music videos and Song videos of Seema Jha in X factor India

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    You can view all the video songs of Seema Jha from the full article on X Factor India

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