Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Things to do or consider before buying a cell phone or mobile phone or iphone

It has been generally observed that people buy mobile phones just for satisfying their greed for upgradation to new technology which is like buying food & wasting it even if one is not hungry. So here are things you should consider before buying your next mobile phone, cell phone or iphone
First of all sit back and relax. Now take your present phone/lost phone in your hands/mind and think why you had bought this one and whether it has served the purpose for which it was bought. After this step, just note on a piece of paper what are the features you are looking for in the phone you are going to buy. Just compare them with the features of phone you already have. The example of this comparison is as follows:

Features                                Present phone                          New phone
Camera                                  No                                          Yes
Voice clarity                           Yes                                          Yes
SMS forwarding                     Yes                                         No
FM Radio                               No                                          Yes
Qwerty Keypad                     No                                           Yes
MP3 player                            Yes                                          Yes
Camera flash light                    No                                           Yes
Bluetooth                                Yes                                           Yes

Above list is illustrative and other features also can be added for comparison.

If you observe the above table you will find 'yes' in both the phones, which should not be considered in buying the new phone as these features are already present in the old phone and are therefore irrelevant in making buying decision.

In step next to this comparison analysis, consider the 'Yes' that are there in new phone but not there in old phone. This can be further compared with gadgets you already have. For eg, if you have a digital camera you can do away with it in the new phone as it doesn't make sense in spending in duplicate features. You can zero
down then on all the features in the new phone you are planning. Believe me, if you use this comparison you may either save money or even drop the idea of buying new phone.

The money saved here can be put to better use like investment for future, having as quality time with family & friends, on vacations, donating in child education and helping needy and poor, etc.

 Another factor which is very important one is that always try to find out local phone manufacturers in your country and compare them with the branded ones like Nokia, Apple, etc. Who knows you might find all same features in the phones sold by local manufacturers.

Local manufacturers will always have homeland advantage of material & taxation in your country and hence are being sold cheaper that branded ones. This will not only save lot of money but also encourage local industry in your country and for that matter your local economy.

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