Monday, November 1, 2010

Famous Brands shortlisted for 2010 – Who will win the race?

Shortlisted Brands for the year 2010:

The Marketing Society is U.K.-based non-profit organization who bestows ‘Marketing Society Awards for Excellence’ to the top performing brand in U.K. Voting for the Top Brand of 2010 has started, and the winner will be announced in the Marketing Society Annual Conference on November 18, 2010 at Old Billingsgate, London. Since the organization is U.K based, most of the nominees are U.K brands. But all in all, the list includes many famous brands as well.
Following are 15 of the 20 nominees for brand of the year 2010:

1. Apple

2. Twitter

3. Aviva

Brand value: $21,143m
Country of origin: USA
Change in value: 37%
Owner: Steve Jobs
Brand value:
Country of origin: USA
Revenues: US $150 million
Owner: Jack Dorsey
Brand value:£3.63m
Country of origin: UK
Change in value: 9%
Owner: Lord Sharman

4. British Gas

5. Hovis

6. Change4Life

Brand value: £1.49m
Country of origin: UK
Change in value: 2%
Owner: Sir Robert Wilson
Established in: 1887
Country of origin: UK
Brand value: £395m
Owner: Premier Foods
Established in: 2009
Country of origin: UK
Formed by: DOH, UK
Purpose: Health awareness

7. Facebook

8. Costa Coffee

9. Audi

Revenue: US$800 million
Country of origin: USA
Stock value: $11.5 billion
Owner: Mark Zuckerberg
Brand value:
Country of origin: UK
Change in value:
Owner: Sergio Costa
Brand value: $ 5,461m
Country of origin: Germany
Change in value: 9%
Owner:August Horch

10. Nike

11. Old Spice

12. Waitrose

Brand value: $13,706m
Country of origin: USA
Change in value: 4%
Founder: W.Bowerman
Established in: 1934
Country of origin: USA
Founder: William Lightfoot
Owner: Procter & Gamble
Brand value: £1.02m
Country of origin: UK
Revenue: £5046.8 million
Owner: Wallace Waite

13. Lego

14. John Lewis

15. XBox

Brand value: $400m
Country: Denmark
Established in: 1949
Inventor: Ole Christiansen
Established in: 1864
Country of origin: USA
Revenue: £2417.4 million
Founder: John Lewis
Launched in: 2001
Country of origin: USA
Owner: Microsoft
Best Seller: Halo series

Coca-Cola – The Neglected Brand!!!

Although I understand that these brands were based on U.K market survey, hence they reflect more U.K brands that any other. But it was startling to see that Coca-Cola, ranked #1 brand for 2010 by Interbrand, not making the list of nominees in the Market Society Awards. Coke has been the top performing brand in terms of brand value for the past decade (2001-2010). And it really deserves to be on the top spot with a brand value of $70,452 million.


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