Friday, January 15, 2016

Android phones have a series of hidden settings that can be accessed using secret codes.

Android phones have a series of hidden settings that can be accessed using secret codes.

Using the codes is very much at users' own risk — they have been found by online sites looking inside the phones' own software. But, if you dare, they can provide access to hidden options within
the phone.

All of the codes are used by dialling them into the phone app and then pressing ring. Most should bring up a menu as soon as you do that — though the extreme factory reset option will just start going straight away.

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There is a huge range of different phones that use Android, and the codes won't work the same on all of them. If they don't seem to be working, try removing the "#*" or the "*#*T from the end of the code — though it's possible that they may just not work at all.


This code is one of a few simple, but useful, tools. Clicking it in will give you the option to decide what happens when you long press the power button.

By default, doing that brings up a range of settings asked whether you meant to turn on silent mode, aeroplane mode, or turn the phone off entirely. But clicking this option will mean you can make the phone turn straight off by default, avoiding the unnecessary screen and potentially saving time.


This is the most straightforward code. Like the iPhone's secret mode, it brings up a range of hidden information about your phone and its battery.

Keying it in will give some combination of information about the phone, the battery's usage, and the network that it's connected to.

Each phone might show up different information, so if you do this then it's worth clicking through to see what's available.


This one will trigger a complete factory data reset of the phone.

Use it with care — if you successfully activate this one, it'll remove all of the system data and any settings and apps that you have on your phone.

That's useful if there's something very wrong with your phone and you need to reset it. It can also be helpful as a way of cleaning up a phone before it's handed over to someone else to use.


This is a more extreme version of the same tool. Using it will reset absolutely everything on the phone, deleting anything on its internal storage and reinstalling the phone's firmware.

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