Friday, May 29, 2015

Beat the heat with yoga. 5 mudras to cool down

Jal mudra (Water hand gesture)
Touch the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb on each hand. Hold for as long as you like, till you have increased the temperature either inside or outside.
This may be done as meditation, or while engaged in doing other things.
Benefits: Reduces the heat inside by increasing the moisture levels.
Used to control dehydration, constipation, dry skin, wrinkles, cramps, dry mouth, halitosis and osteoarthritis.

Prithvi mudra (Earth element hand gesture)

Touch the tip of the ring finger to the tip of the thumb. Do it for each hand. Other conditions as
listed above.
Benefits: Increases the earth element and alongside this, the ability to retain moisture.
Used to control tiredness, slow healing, acidity, dry skin and hair, high fever and other inflammatory conditions.

Shankha mudra (Conch hand gesture)


Wrap the hands to form a conch, as shown. Hold the left hand in front of the chest. Wrap the four fingers of the right hand around the left thumb while bringing the right thumb in contact with the left index finger. Hold against the chest as long as you like.
Benefits: It decreases the fire element, but ups the air and the air element.
Used to cool down, control fevers, inflammatory or heating conditions of skin, digestive tract and anywhere else in the body (eg: hyper thyroidism).

Praan mudra (Life force hand gesture)


Touch the tips of the little finger and ring finger with the tip of the thumb, on both hands. Hold for as long as you wish to control heating conditions in the body.
Benefits: Cools down mental anger, physical heat.
Used to control hyper thyroidism, insomnia, joint pains, dry skin.

Apaan mudra (Downward flowing energy hand gesture)


Touch the tip of the ring finger and middle finger to tip of the thumb, for each hand. Hold as long as you like. Other conditions as above.
Benefits: Improves the flow of energy and grounding elements within the mind and the body.
Fights constipation, dehydration and heat.

Image: Apaan mudra (Downward flowing energy hand gesture)

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