Friday, March 6, 2015

Indian doctor invents alternative treatment to bypass surgery - Chelation Therapy

Recently, one person was admitted to a nursing home at Chinchwad, Pune due to severe chest pain. He had an earlier attack in 2013 and was under treatment. The doctors now suggested Angiography.

Upon undergoing Angiography at multi speciality Hospital  Doctors diagnosed multiple blockages
for which Angioplasty was ruled out and instead,  suggested 'Bypass Surgery'.

That evening, he was brought home as  doctor suggested his heart being very weak, bypass could be performed only after 10 - 15 days.

Meanwhile, after discussing the matter with relatives and close friends, fresh  information came from a family friend.

A new treatment known as-"Chelation Therapy" has been introduced into the Indian medical theatre.

With this therapy, a patient who has to undergo by-pass need not do so.

Instead, the patient is given about 25 bottles of blood in which certain medicament are injected. The blood cleans the system and removes all blockages from the heart and the arteries. The number of bottles given may increase depending upon the age-factor and health of the patient.
Cost per bottle may be around Rs.1,500/- Treatment takes about a month.

Currently, only a few doctors in India specialise in this field

One of them is DR. DINKAR KADAM (Pune)

He has a list of patients who had to undergo by-pass from Ruby, Birla and other major hospitals; but, instead after undergoing the new treatment, they are absolutely fine and are leading a normal life.
Doctor's details for your info are:

Dr. Dinkar Kadam.
"SPANDAN Cardic Rehabilition & Research Center.
(Holistic Cardiac Care) .
Chinchwad, Pune.411033

Mob: 9975219322 / 9975061273

Dr. Yogesh Pachupate.  SPANDAN Cardiac & Rehab Centre,

Nimbalkar chamber, 1 floor, chapekar chowk, Chinchwad, Pune.
Tel: +91-9975061273

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