Friday, November 7, 2014

Microsoft likely to launch its first device without Nokia brand name on 11th November

US software giant Microsoft is likely to launch its first device without Nokia brand name on
November 11, according to a post on Conversations Blog.
A teaser image of upcoming device
A teaser image of the unveiling was also put up. Microsoft will unveil the first Lumia smartphone under its own name after phasing out the Nokia branding from its Windows Phones.

Earlier in October, Microsoft said it will now start selling Lumia smartphones as 'Microsoft Lumia' device instead of calling them Nokia Lumia.

"Our global and local websites are going through a transition as we speak and in the coming days our social channels will get a new name too – they will be called Microsoft Lumia," Microsoft's Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones Tuula Rytila had said on a blog.
"We have now started the transition from Nokia Lumia to Microsoft Lumia," the company said.
The move comes within 6 month of Microsoft acquiring Finnish telecom company Nokia's mobile device business for about USD 7.5 billion. The deal was completed on April 25, 2014.
Microsoft, however, will retain Nokia brand name for entry level phones.
"Microsoft will continue to sell Nokia-branded, entry-level category of phones, such as the Nokia 130. We have licensed the Nokia brand for such devices," Rytila said.
Microsoft has a 10-year license to use the Nokia brand on current and subsequently developed mobile phones from the date it acquired Finnish mobile devices company.

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