Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sony Vaio duos 11 Windows 8 laptop-tablet hybrid launched in India for Rs 89,990

Sony has launched the Vaio duos 11 in India for Rs 89,990. The Vaio duos like most new machines these days is a Windows 8 hybrid and some of the industrial design has been purpose built keeping the touch centric user interface of Windows 8.

It features a slide-out keyboard that sits underneath the 11-inch Full HD touch display. Additionally, it features a plethora of connectivity options like USB 3.0 and HDMI. One downside of the design is the lack of a dedicated trackpad and Sony only opts for an optical tracker to keep the size of the keyboard small.
Talking of the design, we must admit the slide out keyboard bit is not new, but ergonomically it can take some getting used to especially for laptop users. Additionally, when the keyboard is tucked below, it more less works like a Windows 8 tablet but in this case it becomes a rather bulky and heavy one as it weighs 1.2 Kg and is rather thick at 0.75-inches.
As far as core specifications are concerned, it is powered by the latest generation Intel Ivy Bridge i5 CPU, which works in concert with 6GB of RAM. Additionally it has 128 GB of onboard SSD storage, however there is no dedicated GPU.
Other specs of the device include Wi-Fi connectivity and it also comes with a Pen that can be used like a stylus to jot down notes and has the usual array of Bluetooth, Ethernet and VGA connectivity options.

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