Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mahindra to launch Reva NXR in November

Mahindra is ready to bring the much awaited Rexa NXR electric car to the Indian market. Rechristened as "E20",  according to the reports, the car will be powered by a 48volt 29kW electric motor, good enough to produce a maximum of 40PS of power. The E20 will be a proper 2+2 2 door electric car, the first to be assembled at Mahindra's new eco-friendly facility at Bangalore. 
Mahindra to launch Reva NXR in November
And while it looks futuristic, not many understand that this car holds a lot of importance in the Indian market.
It could very well be the car that changes our perspective, the way we see electric automobiles. Certain members of the team have seen how quick the car really is and if Mahindra manages to market this car well, it won't be surprising to see lots of these on our roads.
Industry reports suggest an expected price of around Rs. 6 lakh, which might look like a lot at first glance. Don't jump to conclusions, lets wait until Mahindra makes an announcement and sends us a car for a review.
We shall give you a detailed report then.

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Mahindra Reva E20 said...

The all new Mahindra Reva E20 is two door hatch electric which looks appealing and stunning in its new avatar which is far more better than its former version.The new Reva E20 gives more mileage as well as reliability over long routes.

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