Friday, December 30, 2011

The Dot iPhone Panorama Lens

The Dot iPhone Panorama Lens uses the magic of mirrors to shoot 360-degree video. Whether you’re at a concert, game or monster truck rally, this lens captures all the action all at once. Just place it over the back of your phone the same way you'd put on a case. The best part - the video is interactive. Once it's shot, you can pan your finger over your phone's screen to see all that was captured with the lens' 360-degree eye. Go ahead, play with a few sample interactive videos!

 If you prefer to see your video as a regular or flat vid, you can do that, too. Just shoot and save as an HD widescreen video with the free accompanying Looker app -- no extra stitching or editing. You kicked yourself for not catching those juggling kittens on camera. Now, you'll never miss them! [Buy: Amazon, Photojojo]

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