Sunday, December 4, 2011

BMW Motorrad Concept E Electric Scooter

BMW has designed this Motorrad concept e Electric scooter. Before the year ends, BMW Motorrad will launch its pioneering Urban Mobility area along with 2 first-class vehicles under the maxi scooter segment. Combining the functionality of both a scooter and a motorcycle, both the vehicles offer excellent performance and are powered by high-end 2-cylinder combustion engines. BMW is set to present its ground-breaking design in this area at the Frankfurt International Motor Show under the title: BMW Concept e. This BMW Motorrad electric scooter concept provides sustainable technological solutions as well as beautiful aesthetic design that offers the desired response to the changing city mobility needs. [Source]
The designers of BMW Motorrad Concept E spent as much time as possible to shape the e-scooter that is powerful and dynamic. The end result shows the core standards of BMW Motorrad: passion, dynamic performance and novelty. The choice of materials, comprehensible structure, coloring, and clear design suggest a clean efficient vehicle that allows an individual to move with ease through city traffic. This BMW Motorrad E will to do more than just function, it will connect to the rider’s emotions too. Not only it represents a premium electrical drive, it also provides an alternative form of mobility that suitable for everyday use in all areas. BMW Motorrad concept e has to be able to inspire the rider again and again, as well as reflect its specific technological features.

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