Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mercedes Blackbird TRON concept

Designer Peter Vardai decided to give the good old Mercedes brand a twist and created the Blackbird concept supercars you can see below. He based his idea on the feeling of speed and freedom, plus the design on an airplane. The result is the black and silver vehicle. This is a sporty car with Tron-style lighting, which is just another addition to the many TRON-related gadgets and customizations that came out with the Legacy movie last year. Some countries prohibit the dark windows on such devices, especially the one in front of the driver, so the Mercedes Blackbird is meant to remain a concept.
Also, does anyone else think that the supercar resembles the BMW X6 format a bit? The final renders were made by Tamas Fodor, so here goes the credit.

[Article & Images via, Original source]

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