Thursday, February 3, 2011

Google Maps for Android v5.1 Now Available

Android mobile version of Google Maps has been updated to v5.1. This addition of location services are built on Google Latitude Mappuapuri "check" feature. Facilities that store or visit a location on Google Maps, you can tell your friends and family are sharing a place. This means that Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp and the same has been used before check-in services, such as.

Check for specific features manual / automatic check-in frequently visited locations (opt), automatic checkout, check-in notification (notification Recommended Place), Yara regular check by a VIP repeatedly to a specific location and the status will be updated. On the other hand, where I checked into the Latitude not only through sharing, Twitter, and synchronization options for external service and check in with and is not updated. Also partnered with stores and discounts (for now) No announcement.

Google Maps Mobile v5.1 is available in the Android 2.0 or later. iOS version (Google) in the first place Latitude Mappuapuri not been built, and can store more data services are visible to Google's Place, can not use check-in. (IOS Latitude version of the status checked to see if the other party can be shared.) Of 5.0 was introduced in the vector (3D support and weight), and off-line support, as well as GPS and voice guided navigation feature only version of Android.

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