Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dezeen’s top ten: paper products

We’ve written a lot about paper projects recently so this month’s top ten is all about the most popular paper products from Dezeen’s archive. 
Plato's Collection by Amila Hrustić
1: in first place are these dresses with paper embellishments by Amila Hrustić of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Eyelashes by Paperself
2: second most-clicked are these patterned paper false eyelashes by Paperself.
Papillons Graphiques by Chris Waind
3: next up are these paper butterflies by Chris Waind of New Zealand.
4: in fourth place is this papier-mâché armchair by Majid Asif.
5: Oscar Diaz’s Ink Calendar is fifth most-popular.
6: next comes this lamp combining packaging with the finished product by David Gardener.
7: these rings made of paper by Tithi Kutchamuch and Nutre Arayavanish come in seventh.
Thermal Till Paper Vessels by Philippe Malouin
8: Philippe Malouin takes eighth place with his vessels made from rolls of till paper.
9: ninth most-clicked goes to these lamp shades by Yu Jordy Fu.

10: and in tenth position are these paper animal masks by Michael Schoner.


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