Sunday, December 12, 2010

A device that can alert 3000 people in 60 mins of an emergency

Bangalore: A pioneer of cloud telephony in India, Knowlarity has introduced a product named Emergency Coordination and Control System (ERCC) which will alert 3000 people on their mobile phones within 60 seconds of an emergency, instructing people what to do in a crucial moment.
According to Ambarish Gupta, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Knowlarity Communications, "ERCC finds application in industries, hotels, housing societies, educational institutes, hospitals, theatres, offices, shopping complexes, malls etc., wherein a lot of people are present at the same time and could get affected because of a hazard, accident, natural disaster or an attack. Knowlarity's ERCC, primarily based on mobile phone communication, can save a lot of lives and prevent chaos in the area of hazard.""One can access ERCC from anywhere via a telephone, mobile phone or an Internet connection. The user can choose from a selected set of pre-recorded emergency messages or record a customized message based on the emergency at hand in the local language, upload a phonebook comprising contacts you intend to alert through ERCC, and then broadcast it to multiple recipients within a premise, campus or organization at the press of a button," explains Pallav Pandey, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Knowlarity Communications.The device is connected with multiple telecom operator networks which will ensure that all messages are delivered. The system automatically tries to reconnect with people who have not answered the call once per minute for the next ten minutes. Once it is done, the ERCC system creates a log with details of every call and saves it in your account on the ERCC portal. Users can access the ERCC web portal and upgrade their emergency contact list as well.
In case of hotels, the system adds the mobile numbers of the guests in the phonebook for a pre-defined period, which will be confidential. The mobile numbers of the visiting guests get automatically deleted from the system post their defined period of stay.The voice calls emanating out of the ERCC system can be categorized as per various departments in order to avoid traffic. It can connect to any number of activators via conference for decision to trigger the call. Moreover, it is a web hosted system which doesn't require any maintenance costs and support is available 24 x 7. 

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