Friday, November 19, 2010

Now block unwanted SMS with smsBlocker

Bangalore: There are more than 650 million mobile phone users in India. While these devices help us connect to our family and friends, they also are culprit of many unwanted messages from spammers. Don't you get annoyed and irritated when you are expecting an important message, your phone buzzes, you check the phone and realize that it's a spam message? Sparing you the agony of spam messages is smsBlocker, an application that gives the user freedom from annoying spam and unwanted SMS.Developed by Optinno Mobitech, a Pune-based startup, smsBlocker identifies and blocks spam SMS on its own. It blocks over 95 percent of spam SMS automatically. 
Sagar Bedmutha, a mechanical engineer by qualification, was leading a comfortable life with a swish job in HSBC Bank. He, like many others, was irritated with the constant spam messages. He quit his job in HSBC, and set out to address the problem of spam SMS. He founded the company Optinno Mobitech which was responsible for the innovation of smsBlocker. "The messages were analyzed on the basis of content, sender and language to decide on the pattern of spam messages like Hinglish and others," he says.The application is easy to set-up and integrates easily with your inbox and phonebook. It is fully customizable to suit your needs and preferences of who you want to block and not. There is a 'Daily Block Counter' on the phone homescreen that lets the user know how many spams were blocked in a particular day. The user can specify his 'Block list' and filter the messages based on the content and sender. A detailed log of all blocked SMSes is maintained which the user can review and also restore if need arises. 
A global app, smsBlocker can be used in any country. All one has to do is key in the country code to activate it. The app size is less than 100KB and is available in Nokia Ovi stores and Aircel Pocket apps store at a onetime payment of  199 (about $4.50). The app, which has witnessed 24,000 plus downloads since July 2010, currently runs on the Symbian platform covering more than 100 models of Nokia phones. Porting of the app with other platforms like Android is on and may soon be launched.Optinno also has another product called Mobiwatchman which blocks calls and SMS as per your settings. With these two innovative products, the company sure is doing a lot good to rid mobile users of unwanted messages and give them a spam free mobile experience.

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