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BPL studylite an led study lamp with solar recharging facility

StudyLite SSL200

StudyLite SL100 StudyLite SL100
Price per Unit (piece): Rs.1690
You Save: Rs.200
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StudyLiteTM has been co-created by BPL Techno Vision in collaboration with Sankara Nethralaya. It is the only study lamp to be certified by Sankara Nethralaya to be safe for eyes and ideally suited for continuous study by children above 5 years. StudyLiteTM is also equipped with a built-in rechargeable back-up which provides light for up to 6 hours without mains power for uninterrupted studying and can be recharged using a solar panel or 220 V mains. StudyLiteTM is designed by an award winning product designer - Abhijit Bansod - to make it very stylish and unique.
Save Energy with StudyLite
Do you know that using incandescent bulbs to lighten up your house can put your future generations into abyss of darkness? Such lighting systems consume excessive energy and emit greenhouse gases in our already throttled present environment. This aggravates the problem of global warming, which if not controlled on time, can lead to a catastrophic future.
Environmentalists have started a “Go Green” and a “Save Energy” movement to prevent the ominous looking dark future to turn into reality. Keeping the harmful effects of energy wastage in mind, many countries are moving from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs that are eco-friendly, and don’t emit any harmful radiations. Many production houses are also producing cost-effective and energy-efficient bulbs and lights.
StudyLite, a BPL product developed in collaboration with Sankara Nethralaya, is one such step towards a safer, greener and a brighter world. An eco-friendly study lamp, StudyLite is highly energy efficient with a solar power charging option. Its high performance LED light does not emit any harmful radiation and helps in keeping the environment pollution-free.
Every bit of energy saved is environment saved and also money saved. LEDs typically use only 10% of the power consumed by ordinary light bulbs and last 50 times longer than conventional CFL or incandescent light bulbs.
Save energy and environment by using energy efficient LEDs to conserve our present and future as according to the Native American proverb “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.
Give your child strain free study
Does your child often complain of headaches? Before making a trip to the doctor check on the lights in his room, it might be due to the improper distribution of light in his study. New studies have associated stress related problems and headaches with excessive light and listed it as the number two trigger for migraines.
Not just that has even linked fatigue and anxiety with over-illumination and flicker. Interestingly the lights used at home are not flicker free and certainly not suitable for study.
Keeping this in mind, BPL in collaboration with Sankara Nethralaya has developed Studylite that provides the right light for study. Not only does it solve the problem of over-illumination but also ensures the light is ideal for continuous study. With its premium quality LED lights, Studylite provides flicker-free, white light that is good for eyes and has no UV or IR radiations.
Give your child strain free study time with StudyLite.
StudyLite – World’s first safe for eyes study lamp
When it’s about the safety of your eyes, quality is imperative; especially when it’s about choosing the right light. A lot of people however do not understand the concept of right light. For them it’s just about a light – incandescent light or CFL light.
A study lamp is certainly a better option than reading under any light. But what matters is the quality of light. Most lamps available in the market today are not just over illuminated but also emit heat and harmful UV, IR radiations. Studies say people who work in over-illuminated spaces develop problems like increased headache, work fatigue, and stress.
In the last few years many companies have come out with different lighting options. StudyLite TM is a breakthrough in this spectrum. Co-created with Sankara Nethralaya, the StudyLiteTMhas been designed to provide ideal lighting for reading.
The light source used in StudyLiteTM is of premium quality LEDs which provide flicker-free, white light that is good for eyes; also it generates no heat and has no UV or IR radiations. Further, LEDs typically use only 10% of the power consumed by ordinary light bulbs which makes it highly energy efficient. LEDs also last up to 50 times longer than conventional CFL or incandescent light bulbs. The StudyLiteTM comes with an in-built rechargeable power source that can last up to 6 hours on a full charge. It uses a dual power source: it can be powered either via mains power supply or through a solar panel that BPL provides as an additional accessory. Thus the Studylite not only provides light, but it is safe, sure and secure source of light for reading. In all Studylite is just one of its kinds in the world which safeguards the eye and the environment as well.
Study light protects your eye from ultraviolet rays
About a decade ago the whole world was talking about the mercury bulbs-CFL. From milky white bulbs to finely designed coiled wires, the journey however didn’t last too long. Health experts and environmentalists unveiled its side effects and issued warning against the use of these bulbs.
They say if in close proximity, the bulbs emit UV rays similar to outdoor exposure levels on a sunny summer day. Not only do they cause skin reactions but also increase stress level leading to migraine in worst cases; especially for those afflicted with ocular migraines.
Keeping in mind their side effects, many countries are banning CFL bulbs and moving towards premium quality LED bulbs which provides flicker-free, white light that is not only good for eyes but also has no UV or IR radiations. And many production houses are coming forward with products using LED lights.
One such product is Studylite, co-created with Sankara Nethralaya, the premium eye institute in Chennai. The StudyLite™ has been specially designed to provide ideal lighting for safer eyes.
Moreover, LEDs typically use only 10% of the power consumed by ordinary light bulbs which makes it highly energy efficient. LEDs also last up to 50 times longer than conventional CFL or incandescent light bulbs. Source:http://www.studylite.in

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