Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming soon: A software to help guide autonomous robots!

Washington: Scientists are on track to develop a software which they claim would help self-guiding robots navigate accurately by breaking down large maps as well as rapid recalculation.
An international team, led by Mark Whitty of the University of New South Wales, is working on such a system that enables autonomous robots to rapidly recalculate their route to overcome errors in mapping and scanning which would otherwise prevent accurate navigation.
According to the scientists, the software breaks down large maps into small sections and detects any errors that have occurred due to scanning or mapping inaccuracies, then allows the robot to rapidly recalculate its path to eliminate the errors.
It has particular advantages for multiple robots operating together, say the scientists. "Imagine you are blindfolded and you are told to walk around in a square to come back to where you started - in many ways that's what an autonomous robot is like. I'm aiming to improve the accuracy of that movement," Mark said.

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